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It's time to excercise your rights. We believe there are fundamental technology components which no company should be without.

Talented Support.

You adhere to a thorough and well-documented policy when hiring critical personnel. Most likely, you conduct multiple interviews with a candidate, contact his or her references, and do a background check prior to extending an offer. Your technology provider should adhere to such stringent hiring practices as well since its employees routinely come in contact with very sensitive material. The vast majority of technology providers, however, utilize unreliable contract labor with minimal experience as part of their support operation because of the lower costs associated with part-time labor.

We at Neutrino view our hiring practices slightly different; we treat our human resources department as a logical extension of your own HR department. We only hire full-time IT professionals with verifiable real-world experience, we background check all consultants, and we have all employees undergo extensive training prior to working with any of our clients. Much of our time is spent recruiting and retaining the best talent in the industry.

Our policy is to hire the best, not hire the cheapest.



All of our support personnel are full-time employees of Neutrino. We do not utilize contract labor for our support operations.


All Neutrino employees have a minimum of four years experience directly supporting clients.


Our consultants undergo intensive training on Neutrino best-practices prior to stepping into a client's office for the first time.


If they pass our rigorous screening procedure, they would pass yours. We only hire the most responsible and brightest.

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