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It's time to excercise your rights. We believe there are fundamental technology components which no company should be without.

Complete Protection.

Companies rely on their technology provider to safeguard their data against potential loss. Unfortunately, many providers are not up to the challenge and implement solutions that are flawed in their ability to adequately protect against all potential forms of loss. Ensuring the integrity of one of your company's greatest assets is no easy task: employees forget to rotate tapes offsite, test restores are neglected, and restoring data using traditional backup software is too time-consuming to be relied-on.

Neutrino has spent countless hours researching and implementing a proven solution that overcomes these backup challenges. In fact, we believe in it so much that we include it in all of our service offerings at no additional cost. Not doing so would be irresponsible.



Free your employees from having to swap tapes or hard drives. All your data is backed-up to the Neutrino backup device. And you have the option of backing-up your data via the Internet to two geographically dispersed data centers for an additional layer of security.


All data on a server is protected. That way you don't have to differentiate between critical and non-critical data. Basically, if you create it, we back it up.


All backup data is tested making sure your data is always available to be restored when you need it.


Data is backed-up to a local backup device in your office multiple times per hour and is backed-up to offsite secure data centers every night so you're always protected.

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