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It's time to excercise your rights. We believe there are fundamental technology components which no company should be without.

Business Continuity.

Given enough time, every server will fail. Don't be convinced by other technology providers when they tell you your business processes must fail as well when your server goes down. Rest assured that if your server experiences physical failure, the Neutrino backup solution not only protects your data, but it protects your business as well. You will still have access to all of your documents, your critical business databases, your email, and to any other infrastructure components you rely on to get work done. In fact, chances are your employees may not even notice your server failed.

We believe backup should be about more than just protecting your information.



All of your server-based critical business functions are protected.


Have your critical business functions back up and running in as little as two hours.


Now you have a backup server for each and every server on your network without the capital expense.

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